UPS’ presence in Lachine grows

Phase I of DIVCO’s United Parcel Service (UPS) project entailed a 180,000 ft2 expansion of UPS’ Montréal hub in Lachine. It was part of UPS’ three-year, $20 billion technological makeover to make UPS’s the first automated sorting facility in Canada. The automation and addition of another five kilometers of conveyor belts tripled the sorting capacity of the Lachine operation. The new building takes up about a quarter of UPS’s 1.4 million ft2 property.

Phase II of the project entailed the renovation of the Quebec Head Office. As in Phase I, UPS kept its operations fully-functional while the renovations were underway. UPS has 260 delivery vehicles serving the Lachine plant and other access points throughout the greater Montréal area.

“It took a lot of coordination to get the work done,” said Jean-Claude Pham, Project Director. "It was a complex project that entailed many changes even after construction had started. Sometimes we could only work three hours a day. But we worked every weekend to make sure we met all the milestones and got it done on time.”