L'Oréal entrusts Divco again


Two decades after the successful completion of L’Oréal Canada’s regional office and distribution center, the cosmetics giant turned to Divco once again to construct the expansion of their St-Laurent warehouse. The 100,000 sq. ft. expansion extends from their existing facility, creating a combined total distribution complex of 432,000 sq. ft.

The newly constructed space features “Very Narrow Aisle” (VNA) racking to an impressive 48-foot height. In order to accommodate this system, unique concrete placement procedures were used in order to achieve “superflat” slabs. This entails the use of specific means and methods, with precision equipment, and skilled personnel specialized for such a slab.

The slab is poured in narrow strips and monitored constantly to ensure that strict tolerance of the specified floor flatness and levelness are met.

Divco’s successful execution of this technical feat is testament to its commitment to meet its customers’ requirements, regardless of complexity.